Diamondbrite – the ultimate paint & fabric protection for your vehicle.


Once treated with Diamond Brite – you will never have to polish your car again.


Exterior Protection

Due to environmental demands, car manufacturers now have to use water based paints. Whilst being environmentally safe, they are prone to fading and oxidization. Patented Diamondbrite products are carefully applied to your vehicle leaving a hard, high gloss protective shield which prevents caustic atmospheric pollutants from contacting your car’s paintwork. Fading from ultraviolet light is virtually eliminated as is nitrate etching caused by bird droppings (as long as it is washed off within 7 days and treated with Diamondbrite Conserver).

Once treated with Diamondbrite, you'll never have to polish your car again. Your vehicle will look as good as it did when it left the showroom, thereby improving its resale value. Another major benefit of Diamondbrite high gloss finish is the ease with which dirt and grime is washed off the paintwork.

To maintain the vehicles appearance, simply wash down using the Diamondbrite Car Shampoo or Diamondbrite Waterless Wash and Wax, as often as necessary. To enhance the protection you can use Diamondbrite Conserver as a wash additive, but with the new improved Diamondbrite formula paint protection you do NOT HAVE to use this to keep to the terms of the guarantee.  Shampoo and conserver are supplied with your initial Diamondbrite pack but further supplies can be obtained from Forest Road Garage.

Diamondbrite  Diamondbrite