Personal Contract Purchase allows you to finance your new car in a revolutionary way.

You'll pay a lower than usual deposit to secure your new car, followed by regular fixed repayments over an agreed term. At the end of your pre-agreed term, you have the choice to REPLACE the car by trading it in for a new one, RETAIN the car by making one final payment equivalent to the GMFV* (refinancing is available), or RETURN the car by simply giving it back at no extra cost to you.**

Why choose Personal Contract Purchase?

You pay a monthly repayment that you can afford

You can change your car more frequently

You remain protected - the future value of your car is secured by our GMFV* guarantee so no worries with depreciation

Replacing your car more frequently means lower running costs and fewer repairs


For more information have a look at this short video

*Guaranteed Minimum Future Value

**Subject to Terms and Conditions available upon request